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Here’s a controversial statement…There’s no such thing as a bad trip. Some people find this super triggering. But what if  the hardest, most difficult psychedelic experiences are the portal to your deepest expansion? The hard time is a gift. And it’s how we grow our wings and learn to fly. In medicine experiences, and in life. There’s nothing you can’t handle when you learn how to change your perspective to one of gratitude and willingness rather than victimhood. Today on The Psychedelic Integration Podcast I am exploring how you can shift a bad trip into a catalyst for transformation that will change your life forever. 


In this episode, Sinclair discusses:

  • Where the term “bad trip” comes from 
  • Fear of psychedelics as a tool of control to repress medicine and consciousness expansion
  • Why I don’t believe in trigger warnings — why triggers are a gift, a roadmap to where healing needs to happen
  • Psychedelics are not for everybody, they have always been an underground path
  • You need willingness, a rebel heart, an open mind to go beyond
  • The origin of psychedelics in paganism, Earth medicine, and how our ancestors have kept this knowledge alive
  • Plant medicine is a path to spiritual enlightenment and wholeness
  • You need a willingness to go into the darkness. Your darkness.   
  • Expecting to have only euphoric, loving experiences will create disappointment
  • The full spectrum of experience must have dark and light in equal measure
  • Waking up is not a bad thing
  • Some medicine experiences are really fucking scary and overwhelming and painful and difficult
  • Getting stuck inside hellscapes that last forever 
  • The pain of looking at yourself and your choices
  • Facing your own mortality — we are all going to die
  • Shedding the old pieces of yourself to make room for more authenticity
  • How people can have traumatic experiences with medicine
  • What is buried, repressed, hidden, what you don’t want to confront 
  • The descent into what is beyond isn’t bad, but it can feel bad, and that is valid 
  • You can learn this in partnership with medicines
  • People are desperate to sit with medicine, they are buying it online, and winging it
  • Trying to piecemeal a safety net together from the internet
  • Not everyone is ready to hold space for other people
  • Take your time and be responsible to your soul and your well-being
  • Discount shopping for medicine services is crazy – saying no to bargain priced shamans
  • Creating safety is so important
  • Getting triggered by the medicine and welcoming it in
  • Why are we taking these medicines? Because something is stuck…
  • Feeling the cosmic love and oneness is also a path of healing
  • Learning how to reorient yourself to pleasure and ease is possible
  • You don’t get to know more until you have completed your learning where you are
  • You can do everything right and STILL you can have a hard time, the hard time is a gift
  • Your body is always talking to you, your heart, your mind  
  • Illness and disease have an energetic cause
  • The beauty of a bad trip shows you your strength
  • Getting taken to your edge gives you the ability to see everything as a teacher and a gift
  • Learning how to surrender inside your medicine experience is a skill that you can learn
  • Savoring the little things and learning how to appreciate and stand in your own power
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