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My client Cindy is not who you would expect to be on the path of healing with psychedelics. She’s retired, and lives a tranquil life with her husband and puppy dog, teaching yoga by donation in support of local cancer patients. She’s a loving wife, mother, and grandmother, who loves to hold gatherings and be the nurturer and rock for her friends and family. On the outside, Cindy has a beautiful, full life full of family, abundance, and blessings. But inside, she was carrying a dark secret. When I met her last year, Cindy had been struggling with disordered eating, bulimia, alcohol, and self-harming behaviors for decades. She suffered from PTSD sustained as a result of childhood abuse. And while she looked like everything was perfect, she came to me ready to do the deep inner work of finding self-love and healing her trauma so that she could remember her own power and be truly present for herself and her family.

In this episode, Sinclair and Cindy talk about:

  • How Cindy found her path to integration through this show
  • Feeling lost after her journey, not feeling supported
  • Her readiness and willingness to do the work inside my integration program
  • Developing anorexia as a result of sexual abuse by her uncle as a child
  • Coming to psychedelics to address her childhood trauma and heal her disordered eating
  • Her integration journey through the elements
  • Grounding into the Earth
  • Feeling safe to feel her feelings
  • Releasing through fire
  • Finding a heart-centered path of spirituality with medicine, religion without rules
  • Beginning your integration path with Earth – safety, security, embodiment
  • Throwing temper tantrums like a child, regressing to childhood to feel the feelings that had been hidden
  • Responding instead of reacting, nurturing the feelings
  • Trusting the process, letting go of expectations, less doing, more being
  • The privilege of sitting with medicines 
  • The long term work of integration is like peeling an onion, it takes how long it takes
  • No longer carrying around guilt and shame in her body, feeling angry and expressing it
  • Forgiveness for those who did harm to her
  • Feeling unapologetically authentic
  • Healing our relations with our parents, our family of origin 
  • Finding compassion for our ancestral trauma and the path of our parents
  • Learning how to listen to yourself and to really listen to other people
  • Her relationship with her estranged son
  • Shifting from black and white/linear thinking to more organic and process based thinking
  • The gift of ongoing support and trusting yourself that you’ve got it
  • Turning your inner critic into your inner cheerleader
  • Going from a people pleaser to an empowered creator
  • Planting the seeds of what you want to call into your life
  • Falling in love with the Earth 
  • You’re never too old, you’re never too sick, and you’re never too wounded to find a path that’s going to work for you

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