how to trust fall into the arms of the universe

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m bored with the whole struggle, suffer, cowering in fear, stagnation thing. The thing is, we aren’t meant to stay stuck in our patterns and past forever. We have the power to choose something much more radical and beneficial. So how do you trust fall into the arms of the Universe? What if the answer to the problem is inside the problem, rather than in resisting it or seeking to solve it? Today I am sharing more about the restorative integration path, and how you can choose to lean into your biggest challenges. We’re going to meander through thought patterns, values systems, and beliefs and start asking, “How can I trust the Universe here? How can I let go? How can I be still and listen?”

In this episode, Sinclair shares about:

  • Thinking about yourself as damaged and fucked up and needing to be fixed
  • Believing that you are lacking and unlovable
  • Root cause – going beyond the symptoms and finding the source of the suffering, pain, or issue
  • The medical model of handling suffering and symptoms
  • The spiritual path solves for suffering by repairing our disconnection from Source 
  • The mind sickness of Googling your symptoms, of information overload, and stimulation
  • What if the answer is inside the problem?
  • Why we can’t sit with ourselves
  • Slowing down to access your power
  • It’s not your responsibility to fix the world, but you can address this in yourself
  • Taking the off ramp, slowing down in increments
  • Starting with the body
  • We take stimulants and depressants to force ourselves to keep doing
  • Feeling disconnected from your body, not speaking its language
  • Why I don’t fuck with pharmaceuticals
  • How medicine helps you pull the string of reality, let go of your worldview, and open to something more beneficial
  • The Earth is a sentient being with ancient wisdom and she is fully in control
  • We are exploring an out of balance system, toxic greed, and over production
  • Diversity creates health and balance
  • How regenerative agriculture can save our soil and restore ourselves
  • Creating acts of devotion to your health, wellness, and prosperity
  • Learning from the Biggest Little Farm documentary
  • The four holistic elements (Earth – body, Water – emotions, Air – mindset, and Fire – Spirit)
  • Grounding your medicine ceremonies through the body, witnessing your suffering
  • How can you best support your body, heart, mind, and spirit?
  • Whatever your issue is, that’s where the answer is
  • Can you allow yourself to be messy? Can you confront the resistance? 
  • Change your life a lot, radically change your life so people don’t recognize you
  • If you don’t believe it’s possible, it’s not
  • What is the trust fall into the arms of the Universe?
  • We are addicted to our suffering
  • Spiritual social justice work and divesting from the Death Cult
  • Everything in your life can be a work of art
  • Letting the river water settle, finding calm by being patient, and allowing it to settle
  • The most important thing you can do for your body 
  • Allowing yourself to create without pressure
  • Taking a down season, a season of rest 
  • Everything is here to help you
  • Surrender to the Universe, this is always the answer

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