If you’ve been listening to for a while, you may have gotten the idea that healing with psychedelics is like, hard work, or something. We have no idea where you would have heard that. 👀🤪   We don’t sugarcoat things. It’s true. Other people may tell you that you can heal your life in one night, or one ceremony. But over here, we’re being honest. It takes time. Effort. Willingness. Some patience and self-love. And a great sense of humor. It’s time to come full circle and reconnect to the real reasons we do this podcast or sit in crazy ceremonies, or do any of this medicine and integration work with plants. This week’s podcast episode is dedicated to singing the the song of your heart. Asking the questions that matter. So,What’s Your True Why?

In this episode, John and Sinclair talk about:

  • Going beyond the “work” of psychedelics and plant medicines to the reasons behind WHY you want to do it
  • Planting the seeds of your why and watching them grow
  • Following the societal program, not asking questions, doing what you’re supposed to do
  • The inevitable existential crisis that calls you to psychedelics
  • Not feeling grateful, satisfied, or fulfilled with your identity 
  • Coming to terms with the “working world” and feeling that there was something really wrong with how our society functions
  • Rave culture and exploring psychedelics recreationally as a means of escape and connection
  • Developing an addiction as a coping mechanism to escape The Matrix and depression of living in the 21st century
  • Going to Burning Man and having a spiritual awakening with mushrooms
  • Beginning to move away from suffering and letting go of what isn’t aligned and serving you
  • Walking towards joy, happiness, peace, self-love, being present
  • Everyone is on the path, and the path is a spiral of ascension
  • The pain is the motivating factor to get most people started on changing their lives
  • Creating space for joy, play, fun, abundance, happiness
  • Receiving the call to be in service
  • Doing your own work on yourself and transmuting suffering into positive vibrations
  • Oneness, unity, compassion – these are vibrations
  • The more you help, the more you give, the more you feel good, the more you call in what you want
  • Finding self-love with plant medicine
  • Believing that you deserve good things, and EVERYONE deserves good things
  • Focusing on your own growth and healing as a way to help heal humanity
  • The ripple effect of healing yourself and being yourself, being kind and compassionate
  • Holding a good vibration as a healing gift to everyone around you
  • Feeling like you need to justify your existence and taking up space
  • Learning how to treat yourself with compassion and love
  • Gathering the tools and consciousness to choose where you put your attention, and how you respond rather than how you’re programmed to react
  • The plant medicines as an ancient consciousness that is your partner in healing and growth
  • You have the ability to relieve your own suffering, you are the only one in your way
  • Helping each other walk the path home
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