Mission, Vision, and Values

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Sinclair Fleetwood

Hi, I’m Sinclair, Psychedelic Integration Coach and founder of The Psychedelic Integration Podcast. 

One of the most magical parts of working with psychedelic medicines is that soul family you connect with along the way… and the healing power that comes from joining forces. Healing and expansion are amplified in community. 

It’s my honor to co-create and collaborate with these gifted healers, facilitators, and friends. I recommend them highly as well. 

Each of us bring our own sacred wisdom, talents, and teachings to everything we do together – while creating our own offerings and sharing our heart medicine individually. 

We truly believe that there is one family, and we are all finding each other on our way home together.


My Mission

Empowering my human family to take your power back, come home to yourself, and embody your soul mission through spiritual transformation, community, psychedelic integration, and the magic of sacred ceremony.


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My Vision

I envision a world of powerful creator beings living in symbiotic harmony with our planet, enjoying life to the fullest. With embodied awareness and integrity, I create joy and holistic wellness for myself, those around me, and all beings. I hold the responsibility to be in service to the greater good with celebration and gratitude.


My Values

Stepping into the knowledge that we create our own realities. We always have the power to choose want we want for our lives and how we respond to the circumstances happening around us. As we master our inner vibration, we master our outer world.

The highest of vibrations! When we are grateful for what we have, we are holding love, joy, and peace as well. Gratitude signals The Universe to send us more to be grateful for. It is such a privilege to be alive!

Health is based on a holistic philosophy of fixing the cause, not the symptom. We believe in healing the whole self, not isolated problem areas. When we create the right environment, wellness is the natural byproduct.

Being in alignment with ourselves. Our word is our bond, and we hold ourselves to our personal values. These values are more important than our own self interest. When the choice is between doing what’s right only for us or what’s right for the whole, we choose the greater good.

Life is an astounding gift of beauty and absurdity and we love to revel in it! Sharing song, dance, laughter, and savoring life and love raise and heal the vibration of humanity.

When we know better, it is our responsibility to do better. New and better ideas and understandings only change our lives, and the world, if we act on them.

Every living being is on the spiritual path. Awareness is the recognition of that path and the willingness to walk it.

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John is a heart-centered leader, Kambo practitioner, facilitator, and spiritual guide who can heal and inspire just with his presence. You will find him at our upcoming retreats, inside my digital courses, and laying down his unique wisdom on episodes of The Psychedelic Integration Podcast.

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We are thrilled to partner with the team at Our Future is Ancient to offer facilitation and psychedelic integration support for SOUL MEDICINE psilocybin retreats held outside San Pancho, Nayarit, Mexico.

The 2023 season is now over. But check back to find out when our retreats will be held in 2024.

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