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Come home to yourself...

Coaching is guidance, connection, and support inside a safe container. It’s a relationship of collaboration and creation. Where you go beyond your limiting beliefs and find a new path of possibility. 

Open the way for a fully expressed, authentic YOU. Where every part of you feels at home and at ease. So you can do whatever you want. 

Yes, really.

Not when you’ve changed everything. When you’ve allowed your fullness to be seen and loved. This is the process of integration. It’s about making yourself whole through radical acceptance and welcoming. 

Your path is unique to you, and my coaching is designed to meet you exactly where you are. To challenge you to expand and evolve. And we have fun doing it all. 

Follow the links below to explore the possibilities.

I look forward to meeting you soon!


Guidance through change...

Feeling kinda overwhelmed, stuck, lost, or not sure why life is feeling like a dumpster fire that you can’t escape?

Are you having a spiritual emergency and wanting to talk to someone who gets it? (I’ve had many!)

Had a challenging plant medicine experience and want to talk to a professional NOW?

Here’s the deal, I don’t believe in labeling yourself and orienting your identity around your pain. It’s not who you are. You are not your diagnosis or your suffering or your trauma. You are not lost. You were never lost. I don’t believe in self-sabotage or that you are stuck. You may FEEL stuck, but you are EXACTLY where you need to be. 

Everything is healable. It’s overcomeable. Solvable. 

AND… I know exactly how it feels to be in that place of powerlessness. Where you just want to be seen. To know that someone understands and is witnessing you. You want a spiritual bestie to be on your side and walk across the sacred bridge of transition with you.

It is my honor to see you and hold you in the vision you have for yourself.

Life is not meant to be a constant struggle. No matter where you are right now, you can heal and grow without it feeling so hard. It is possible to liberate yourself from the ways of believing and being that are keeping you feeling stuck, sick, and unhappy. If you are ready to change your life, there truly is hope. Coaching works. 

Do you believe you can actually BE your most peaceful, authentic, fulfilled self? We will start there. 

These are some of the most common areas we can work through together:




Start your transformation journey feeling fully supported to go deep within so that you can trust build a personal relationship with Spirit and find your purpose


Learn proven tools, techniques, and practices so that you become more resilient and expand your ability to handle ANYTHING life gives you with ease and grace, no matter where you are now


Learn exactly how to create a conscious, living partnership with psychedelics so that you can get the healing and results you want faster

1:1 Private Coaching

plant medicine coach psychedelic therapy near me

Private coaching is where deep level magic happens. It’s my most intimate and personal offering that gets the most profound results. It is my intention to make myself obsolete, so that after some time together, you can coach yourself.

Most of my clients choose to work with me for 6 – 12 months or longer. My recommended minimum commitment is 3 months, because that is the shortest amount of time where you will see more significant changes start to happen. 

We can also make BIG progress in just a few sessions. 

All sessions are 50 minutes on Zoom and payment plans are available for all packages.

NEST Group Integration Membership

Are you tired of wandering out in the world alone trying to heal and grow and be your best self without a village?

Nest is a safe space to integrate your plant medicine experiences, no matter how difficult or weird your journey has felt. All the medicine of life is welcome here. Yes, even the cringey parts. Bring it. 

Come into seasonal resonance with the Earth, and remember the language of your body.
It’s your native tongue, after all.

Inside Nest, you will become a living sanctuary for your spiritual expansion. You will be the temple. The church of you. Your holiness will be revealed.

You are not lost. You never were. Join us in a supportive community practice of collaboration, connection, rest, listening, exploring, relating, receiving, nourishing, and resonance. 

Gather the resources you need to root into a deeper experience of yourself. 

So let’s do this rewiring job together. Join the NEST membership family and start today.

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Ceremonial Work with Power Plants

sinclair fleetwood ayahuasca medicine woman facilitator

Plant medicines are expressions of ancient consciousness. They are sentient, creative, and infinitely wise beings that have evolved here on Earth as guides, helpers, and protectors of life.  These plants are here to support humanity in finding our way back to the truth of our purpose here:

💖 To live in harmony and balance with the Earth
💖 To be in right relationship with ourselves and each other
💖 To live with intention and direction, in a beneficial and loving relationship with the elements and all beings
💖 To awaken from the mass delusion that we are separate from God
💖  To live in love and joy and gratitude for the miracle of this life

The plants teach us how to remember our divine nature. 
Each plant that I work with has a unique spirit, and offers a special experience and benefit inside the technology of ceremony. I offer private and group experiences. Book a free connection session with me to learn more.  

Let's connect...

Have questions or want to see if we are a good match before booking? 

Book a free connection session!


The Ultimate Quickstart Guide
to Healing with Psychedelics

the ultimate quickstart guide to healing with psychedelics plant medicine psychedelic life coach sinclair fleetwood mystical heart collective the psychedelic integration podcast

Inside this FREE in-depth 28 page eBook, we’ll cover:

  • The 5 Pillars of Healing with Psychedelics
  • 20 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Beginning Work With Psychedelics
  • Healing with Psychedelics Safety Guide
  • Navigating Your Experience
  • What is Psychedelic Integration and Why is It So Important?
  • 9 Empowering Ways Psychedelic Integration Helps You Get Results
  • Avoiding Psychedelic Plan Wreckers
  • The answer to “What Do I Do Now?”

And more!

3 Keys to Unlock Your Soul Mission with Plant Medicine

Here’s what you’ll learn inside this FREE psychedelics masterclass:

  • A quick exercise that will help you connect with the magic you want to call into your life
  • The true meaning of purpose and soul mission
  • The myths about psychedelics that are keeping you stuck
  • A simple step-by-step process to follow so you know exactly how to get unstuck and reconnect to your SPIRITUAL FLOW
  • And more!
3 Keys to Unlocking Your Soul Mision with Plant Medicine

Mystical Heart Oracle Deck

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Sign up for my weekly love notes and get access to my FREE printable Mystical Heart Oracle deck that you can use to feel inspired, have fun, and summon sage messages from your Highest Self…



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