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Come home to yourself...

Coaching is about connection. It’s a relationship of collaboration and creation. Where you go beyond your limiting beliefs and find a new path of possibility. 

Open the way for a fully expressed, authentic YOU. Where every part of you feels at home and at ease. 

Not when you’ve changed everything. When you’ve allowed your fullness to be seen and loved. This is the process of integration. It’s about making yourself whole through radical acceptance and welcoming. 

Your path is unique to you, and each of my offerings is designed to meet you exactly where you are. To challenge you to expand and evolve. And we have fun doing it all. 

Follow the links below to explore the possibilities when you decide to work with me.

I look forward to meeting you soon!


1:1 Private Coaching

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✨ Private coaching is where the ALL the deep level magic happens. It’s my most intimate and personal offering that gets the most profound results. 

The initial commitment for private coaching is 3 months, with the option to continue with me as long as you want and need support. 

I offer equity based pricing options so that you can choose the rate that supports you. 

I reserve 1/4 of my coaching spots for sliding scale clients in the most need.  

To get started, first we connect and see if it’s a good fit, if the energy feels good, and if I am the right person to guide you on your journey. Book your free connection session below.

Deep Dive Single Session

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Psychedelics curious?

Not sure if psychedelics or plant medicines are right for you, or have loads of questions you want to explore in private?

Had a difficult or confusing plant medicine experience and want to talk to a professional NOW?

There is a lot to understand before going all in with investing in long term coaching programs.

I offer this option for a private 60 minute coaching and consultation call, so that you can connect with me 1:1, get all your questions answered, and dip your toes into the coaching container to see if working with me is an aligned fit. 

The cost of this session is $149, which will be put toward your program cost if you decide to join me as a private client.

Self-Study Digital Courses

sacred psychedelic preparation intensive digital course sinclair fleetwood

Sacred Psychedelics Preparation Intensive is a self-study online preparation program that shows you exactly how to build a conscious relationship with psychedelics from the start, so you can focus on answering the call to plant medicine without wasting more time and energy trying to figure out how to do it all on your own.

This is perfect for you if you are at the beginning of your journey with plant medicine, and want to call in more presence, intention, and consciousness as you build a healing partnership with psychedelics. 

Get ready to shift into creating a more intentional, ceremonial relationship with psychedelics.

rise and align digital course mystical heart collective psychedelics online course integration

Rise + Align Integration Immersion guides you step-by -step through the tender time of integration and expansion that begins after your medicine experience.

A spiritual, holistic journey through the elements, this course is perfect for you if you have had experience with medicine, and are looking for structure and support in guiding yourself on your integration journey home. 

This is the exact same curriculum I use with my private clients in our work together. It’s helped me create my own foundational integration practice that I have used myself for years on this path.

Doing this work can be the key to going beyond visuals and peak experiences with medicine and actually creating a vision for your life. 

The Ultimate Quickstart Guide to Healing with Psychedelics

the ultimate quickstart guide to healing with psychedelics plant medicine psychedelic life coach sinclair fleetwood mystical heart collective the psychedelic integration podcast

Inside this FREE in-depth 28 page eBook, we’ll cover:

  • The 5 Pillars of Healing with Psychedelics
  • 20 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Beginning Work With Psychedelics
  • Healing with Psychedelics Safety Guide
  • Navigating Your Experience
  • What is Psychedelic Integration and Why is It So Important?
  • 9 Empowering Ways Psychedelic Integration Helps You Get Results
  • Avoiding Psychedelic Plan Wreckers
  • The answer to “What Do I Do Now?”

And more!



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